Windows – Change windows XP password via (2nd) remote desktop

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I'd like to change my Win XP workstation password from home, but I've got to do it via Remote Desktop connection (from home, and it's my work machine).

The problem is, that I make the connection via another windows machine…. so


Now if I hit CTRL+ALT+DEL (while logged in to WORKSTATION), I have access to my home machine password change function (which is normal). If I hit CTRL+ALT+END (as that is the shortcut for Remote Desktop's task manager), I have access to the middle server's password change function.

(Using the below mentioned control panel solution doesn't work, see my comment on that.)

But how can I reach the workstation's change password function?

Thanks in advance!

Best Answer

I'm no more using XP since long time, but do

Control Panel > User and account > Change my password

Would work?