Windows – Closed Chrome with Incognito Mode Open

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I had about 20 tabs open in Google Chrome, and about 5 in the incognito mode which is basically a personal version with its own set of daily use tabs, I know that when I close my incognito window I need to sign in back to all the tabs and recreate, but I now closed the main window.

I clicked on chrome from the taskbar but that opens up the incognito mode, is there a way to open the main mode, which will automatically open from where I left off (because thats how its setup to open).

Best Answer

Ctrl+N will open a new window (normal, not incognito)

followed by:

Ctrl+Shift+T will open the last set of open tabs

As indicated in other answers you can right-click chrome icon on taskbas and select "New window"

The benifit of using shortcut method is that it will work the same way on Windows and Linux machines.