Windows – Command prompt disappears after a split second of launching the application

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I have Windows 10 and since last night I have been trying to open command prompt but all it does is launch for a split second where a white window shows up and then it disappears. All while everything else is working perfectly fine, even PowerShell.

These are the ways in which I have tried to open command prompt (none of which have worked, they all result in the same thing described above):

  1. Search in the Start Menu for cmd and launch
  2. Type cmd in run and launch
  3. Go to system32 folder in the root drive and launch cmd.exe
  4. Open task manager and start a new task called cmd
  5. Using a shortcut on my desktop for cmd
  6. opening a batch file

How do I make command prompt work normally? Please help.

Edit 1: So it works when I run it from PowerShell but that still does not solve my issue as when I launch cmd it does not work. Also, I have attached an image of my registry where there is supposed to be a disable cmd that supposedly causes but there is nothing like that.

This is the window that opens for a split second (top right box) when I click cmd
No option to un-disable cmd

Best Answer

So, I figured out what the problem was. It was a virus installed by some torrent that mined monero by running this program called SoundMixer.exe or Sound Mixer. Opening the cmd leads to launching this program and it can't be detected by most anti-virus software.

Here is the link that explains how to fix it.