Windows – Connect Microsoft Surface to ad-hoc network

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I am trying to connect my Microsoft Surface tablet to an ad-hoc network that I setup on my Windows-7 desktop machine. The Surface machine can see and connect to other hotspots, but it cannot see the ad-hoc network, whereas a second Windows-7 laptop sitting next to the Surface machine can see it.

What would cause the ad-hoc network to be visible to Windows 7 but not to Surface?

Additional data:

Windows-7 is on domain, but Surface is not.

Best Answer

  • Not only Windows RT can't connect to an ad-hoc hot-spot, but it seems even Windows 8 Pro can't do it (and provide Internet access). I have Joikuspot on a Nokia Symbian phone. This creates an ad-hoc hotspot, which my household's Win7 PCs can connect to with no problem. My Win8 PC can see the hotspot and connect to it, but can't access the Internet. It claims that the connectivity is "limited" and it can't gain an IP address.

    In answer to the OP, the solution would be to enable the virtual hosted network on the Windows 7 machine instead of an ad-hoc connection. This simulates a full router in infrastructure mode. You need to use the netsh command in an admin command prompt. Search "netsh hostednetwork", and you'll get the answer.