Windows – Context Menu of Pinned File in Taskbar – Where is this File

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Here you can see the Conext Menu

Question states it already.
I want to know where the Pinned File is located on the hard drive.
I can open it with a left-click.
I can not search for it because of #!$%§ windows see Image number 2.

No Results found for *.rdp - because you know ... windows ...

A right-click with all the known modifiers (alt-shift-ctrl in every combination) just gives a single item context menu of "Open". Is there something i am missing? Where is the real context-menu?

Thanks for your help in advance.

Yes i see the related questions. But none are asking for the files – they ask for the pinned applications. As you can see in the first Image i want to get the location of the first pinned file.

Best Answer

These files are located in the jump-lists folders, which are divided into two kinds.

  • The ones the operating system creates and maintains store information about data file usage and are to be found in files named like this : %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\AutomaticDestinations\[AppID].automaticDestinations-ms.

  • The ones maintained by specific applications responsible for that specific destination file are to be found in files named like this : %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent\CustomDestinations\[AppID].customDestinations-ms.

The names for the files are not very informative, so one has to look into their content in order to find more information. Some AppIDs can be found in the List of Jump List IDs.

Much information about jump-lists is found in the description of Windows Jump List Parser (jmp) - a free utility that can be used to parse these jump-list files.

Below is a screenshot of the types of information that can be extracted by using jmp :


I have not tried this product, but from the above screenshot it seems that to see the target file one must use the paid version of jmp ($210).

In that case, use the information from the article ForensicsWiki : Jump Lists :