Windows – Copy files from Mac OS 9 to Windows 7


Today I fired up a PowerMac 9500 that's been sitting dormant for 10 years, and I want to copy the data files over to my Windows 7 system (NTFS). The Mac is running OS 9 and, after some fiddling around for a while, I am able to copy files over to Windows via FTP.

However, filenames are giving me a fit. Though I can copy a file at a time or select a bunch and copy them, I would like to select entire folders without getting "501 Syntax Error" errors and invalid filename errors on some file tucked in some folder deep in the trees.

I'm using Fetch 4 on the Mac and FileZilla server on the PC. Is there some setting I can use to make this work better, or maybe another method of transfer? Or, am I stuck with the hit and miss tedium of doing this bit by bit?

I am not a Mac or networking wizard, so maybe there's a way to share files that I'm missing. Can I make Win7 way more flexible with filenaming, or is this failing because of an FTP convention?

Edit: Once the old Mac files are on the Windows system, is there a Mac OS 9 emulation solution for Windows? It'd be nice to be able to use the Mac files.

Best Answer

Grab a floppy disk, and put the disk in the Mac 3.5" drive... Mac's can write and read Fat16/32... So, you can then just take the disk, and move the contents to the PC.

Or, use Stuffit to compress the files into a ZIP file... And use Winzip (or equivalent) to uncompress it...