Windows – Copy files from remote Unix machine to windows


I have a remote Unix machine which doesnt have SMB installed and I cannot install it. However there are some files located on that server that I need on a windows machine.

What I need is a way to periodically copy a number of specific files from the Unix machine based on a list of filenames I have on my windows machine.

How would I go about doing this? – This has to happen automatically once a day.

I'm thinking a little scheduled job on windows that reads a needed files' names in and then opens a ssh tunnel and runs a scp command remotely and copying each file. Is this a good solution or is there a better way?

Best Answer

Install Cygwin on the windows machine and use the "scp" command. Files can be "pulled" from the *nix machine over to the windows machine like this:

$> scp user@nixbox:/var/log/importantlogs/*.zip .