Windows – Copy symbolic links with relative path – Windows 10, NTFS, Robocopy

ntfssymbolic-linkwindows 10

I am using external hard drive to store all my data that have a lots of symbolic links. The file system is NTFS.

Now I would like to copy some (or all) of the information to other drive keeping the all file structure together with symbolic links so that they point to their new location on the new drive.

I have tried to use Robocopy for that but the copied symbolic links are still pointing to the older drive. I think that maybe I am missing something with the relative/absolute paths of the files but unfortunately couldn't find any parameter for that in Robocopy.

How can I achieve this?

Please note that this is 1TB HDD and it takes long time to copy and it is not an option to make an intermediate copy or tar archive.

Best Answer

  • I had a case like that, it was a cocktail of some issues related to copying symbolic links, share permissions, and long filename, I tried Robocopy, troubleshooting, and some tools, all was crapy in this situation. I saw a helpful thread in this site asking about a solution for long path names, and a user recommended software called Gs Richcopy 360, now 6 months using this SW, and I can copy symbolic links (many choices), no long path name problems appear and NTFS / share permissions copied successfully. take a look at the software and its capabilities