Windows – “Create a restore point” on specific drive – Windows 8.1 Pro x64

system-restorevolume-shadow-copywindows 8.1

I go to Charms(Windows key), type "Create a Restore Point" and then "Configure…" physically different drives (SSDs, HDDs) to "Turn on System Protection". I have a 2 TB HDD which I bought specifically for storing restore points and images. (You can see the snapshot below shows it as "A:" with 40% disk space allocated for system protection.

When I click "Create…." from the main screen, and have drive "A:" selected, how do I know that restore points are stored on drive "A:"? I don't see a folder called "restore points" or anything.

Essentially what I'm trying to ask is, is there any way to control where the restore points are stored, or does Windows 8.1 have some algorithm to decide for you?

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Best Answer

System restore points are saved On the root of each drive under System volume information folder. You have to un-hide protected system files to see it.

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