Windows – Dell Vostro 2510 Screen Brightness adjustment gone after re-install

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I wiped XP off my laptop and installed Windows 7. It is beautiful!

But, I have now lost a number of adjustment settings, most importantly the ability to press Fn + Up and Down arrows to adjust brightness. It is now set at one level and does not adjust anymore. I see no other way to change brightness, not even in the BIOS.

Any ideas? I also cannot switch monitors (Fn+F8), which will become an issue when I give a presentation next week.

Best Answer

Whenever you do a clean install of an OS, it's very probable that there will be devices in the system that the OS install does not have proper drivers for. These can include some of the simplest things like the display adapter, keyboard, or pointing devices.

In such cases, the OS will fall back to default "universal" drivers written by the OS vendor. However, just like a cheap universal remote for your entertainment system, these drivers often lack features which could be provided by drivers from the hardware vendor.

After any clean OS install, regardless of what appears to be working or not, you should always download and install the latest drivers for all your system's components.