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Ok, so I have googled this and everywhere I see the same answer wich I do NOT need.
What I want is to turn off the language bar without doing this:

ControlPanel>Language,Region,Clock > Language > Advanced Config and "enabling" click on the use the language bar > options > click on hidden.

I don't see this as a good option to hide this. (Enabling something to 'disable' it).

So my question is, is there any way to hide the language bar without doing the above?

Best Answer

An easy way to do so is by just deleting all the languages that you do not use.

Head over the languages section and click on the language that you use by default and make it go to top by clicking "Move up" and when its there simply delete the other languages that you do not use by clicking on them and then clicking on the button delete.

Besides that one, there only the one you mentioned.