Windows – Disable laptop screen when lid is closed

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I'm on a Lenovo Y50, running Windows 10.

I have an external monitor attached (HDMI) and I use the laptop screen as well as the external. Sometimes I want to close the laptop lid and just use the one screen. When I close the laptop lid, the screen turns off, but Windows still thinks of it as a valid display, and as such, doesn't move my windows and stuff from the laptop screen to the external screen. Every other laptop I've had has disabled the laptop screen on closing the lid, thus making the OS behave as if there's only one display connected.

This is particularly annoying because I'd like to be able to move my mouse to the edges of the screen without it moving off into another screen that I can't see because the laptop lid is closed.

Is this a problem I can solve? I'd like the laptop to let the OS know that the display has been disabled when the laptop lid is closed.

Best Answer

  1. Launch Presentation Display Mode with Win + P

    Select "Second screen only"

  2. Got to Control Panel > Power Options > Change what closing the lid does

    Set 'What happens when lid is closed' to 'Do nothing'