Windows – Disabling Password Complexity Requirements on Windows 7

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I'm trying to setup an account on a windows 7 machine that has no password. However there are complexity requirements getting in the way.

It might be of interest that this computer is connected to a network that uses a domain, but the user account in question is not registered on the domain, but on the local machine, and I have administrative access.

I was able to disable this policy on a similar computer on the same network by going to Start -> Run -> secpol.msc, navigating to Account Policies -> Password Policy -> Password must meet complexity requirements and disabling the option. However on this computer those options are grayed out and I can't figure out how to change them. Nor does there seem to be another instance within my field of google queries that had a similar predicament.

Can anyone point me to how to enable these radio buttons so I can disable this option?

Thanks in advance.

Edit in responses to comments:

  • Both computers in question are running Windows 7 Enterprise 64-Bit OS's
  • The attempts to change this password policy occurred on the same day
  • They are on the same domain and in the same OU as they have the the given network addresses:

Best Answer

It doesn't matter that the account isn't a domain account: The policy is for the computer, nothing you do short of rebuilding it and/or removing it from the domain will surpass it.

Even if it did, questions on circumventing security policies are off-topic, and will likely be closed, sorry.