Windows DVD Maker on Windows 8

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Something I really miss in Windows 8 is the Windows DVD Maker.

I tried to get it running on Windows 8 by copying the DVD Maker directory from Windows 7 over to Windows 8. When I run it, I get the following error:

MPEG-2 encoder is missing

I had hoped that this could be resolved by installing the Media Center add-on for Windows 8, but that did not have any effect.

Several forum posts have suggested installing a codec pack such as the K-Lite codec pack, but I have always had bad experiences with those. I did, however, try to install the Shark007 codec pack, but that didn't work either.

I also tried running the following commands (which did complete successfully, mind you) in an elevated command prompt, but they didn't change the outcome.

regsvr32 msmpeg2vdec.dll
regsvr32 msmpeg2adec.dll
regsvr32 msmpeg2enc.dll

I know there are other DVD making programs out there, some are even free, but the few I have tried do not compare to Windows DVD Maker's simplicity and beauty. Is there any way to make it work on Windows 8?

Best Answer

You'll have to use a third party codec and/or use a different DvD maker. On the codec pack, did you use the Win8 version?

Scott Hanselman had that as a chief complaint a bit ago.

Due to license fees Microsoft removed MPEG-2 from Windows 8, but they are available as feature packs in either Win 8 Pro, or in the Media Player feature pack. For right now, the Media Feature pack is free, and should get you going:

If you want to go the 'hard' way using Microsoft components, there is still the MPEG-2 decoder as part of the Windows 8 SDK and the Media Foundation. So, you could download the SDK from here: and you should have the necessary DLLs registered (I have not validated this method yet; I'll check it out this evening unless you beat me to it).