Windows – Extending laptop across 3 monitors

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I currently have a Sager NP9150 gaming laptop. The machine comes with a DVI, HDMI, and display port. I currently have a Dell monitor and a TV connected – the monitor with a DVI and the TV with a vga to Display Port adapter. For some reason though I am unable to extend the desktop across the three monitors or use all three in some fashion. Is there a specific piece of hardware or software I need to enable more than one additional monitor?

Sager NP9150
Processor: i7-3610QM 2.3 Ghz
16gb RAM
WIN 7 64 bit OS
Nvidia GTX 670M and IntelR HD Graphics 4000


Best Answer

Some systems will not do this, its some kind of limitation of the hardware and or the software. I've seen this on many makes and models. Some will do three screens, some won't. I know you have Nvidia chipset, but many times it's just something that can't be worked around.