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How can I see which user is running sqlserver process in a windows 7 machine? I need to know this in order to change some permissions. I opened the task manager but the list is almost empty, maybe because I'am on a virtual machine, do I have a command line option? Thanks

Best Answer

The Applications tab of task manager will only show desktop applications. You should be able to see the SQL Server process in the Processes tab. Make sure you click the Show Processes from All Users button at the bottom of the task manager screen.

The other way do do this is to see what user is defined in the service properties:

  1. Start, then type "Services" in the search box, and choose Services from the results
  2. Find the SQL Server service, and right-click and choose properties
  3. Go to the Log On tab and you will see that SQL Server is either running as system, or a specific account.