Windows – Fix Japanese IME after April 2018 update

imejapanesewindows 10windows-10-v1803

I have this problem on two computers now. I had the Japanese language pack installed, and used the IME keyboard. I used to be able to use CTRL-CAPSLOCK to switch to Hiragana after changing the language to Japanese. I could also right click the A icon in the system tray and pick Hiragana from the menu. This allowed me to type romaji which were changes to the appropriate hirgana/kanji. But after installing the April 2018 update 1803, both methods don't change from half-width alpha-numeric.

Best Answer

This seems to be related to the custom dictionary file (imjp15cu) as it gives an error whenever "edit" under custom dictionary is clicked in the advanced settings.

From a non-1803 system, copy the files in C:\Windows\IME\IMEJP\DICTS to the same location on the affect 1803 machine and reboot.