Windows – Force a Windows 7 user to change password when it has expired

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Is it possible to force users (on Windows 7 PCs) to change their password once it has expired?

Currently our users get notifications that their passwords will expire in 7, 3, 2 and 1 days but once the password has expired they are still able to log into their machines with the expired password.

Most of our users ignore the warnings and don't change their password until we tell them they have to (when they ring Help Desk asking why their email and intranet isn't working).

From memory, Windows XP machines would show a message at login that the password had expired and then offer the change password screen. Is it possible to do the same thing under Win7? Similar to how if you set a user's account to "must change password at next login" it gives the change password screen automatically.

Best Answer

We still haven't figured out how to force the user to change their password.

Since the main problem is users ignoring the little "Your password will expire in..." and "Your password has expired" bubbles, we have a script run on login that checks if the password has expired and blocks the screen (with instructions on how to change the password) if it is.

This has dramatically reduced the number of calls we get regarding not being able to access emails or intranet.