Windows – Formatting an external Hard Drive for Windows using Mac OS X

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I have an external Hard Drive I'm selling. I'd like to be able to deliver to the hard drive to the buyer for it can be used on either Mac OS X OR Windows.

Is it possible to do this using the Mac OS Disk Utility? If so, which format, partition scheme or other options should I be using?

Thanks in advance!

Update: The key part of this is I need to format the disk from OS X. Disk Utility doesn't appear to use the same terminology (FAT, NTFS, etc.) I need to know what options to set in disk utility to give me a drive that's usable on either operating system.

Best Answer

OS X can read NTFS file systems by using NTFS-3G. I use it on a pair of 500GB external drives that I use for backups between my various OS X and Windows boxes, and haven't had a problem with it yet.