Windows – “Generic failure” when creating virtual switch in Hyper-V Manager

hyper-vwindows 10

I have installed Hyper-V from Windows Features but when i open Hyper-V Manager and try to create a Virtual Switch i get this error (NONAME is the computer name):


I read over the internet for solution but I don't find anything that solve my problem. I have checked at the Ethernet properties option "Hyper-V Extensible Virtual Switch" but error still show up. Also I tried to uninstall and install again the Hyper-V Manager but also nothing happened.I have Windows 10 Pro and is clean installation. Any ideas what to do?

Best Answer

  • In ran into the same symptoms after a Windows 10 update, and re-installing the network adapter didn't help. However executing the following command in a PowerShell console fixed it:

    New-VMSwitch VMSwitch -NetAdapterName Ethernet

    This seemed to repair the network switch configuration so after this the Virtual Switch Manager started successfully and I was able to use it to remove and create virtual switches at will.

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