Windows – Going sailing, bandwith $8/MB, plugging in ethernet uses 200kb of data to just start

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Hey Everyone – I am going sailing for a year and have an INMARSAT FB150 which translates to about $8/MB for bandwidth "anywhere" on the ocean. I hope to only use about 50-60MB per month or less through the satellite and take advantage of a long range wifi antennae for the rest. I am planning to use a modified FF browser that goes through a compression proxy (for reducing image quality, removing random ads, etc) as well as compressed text-only email. (If anyone has used one of these or could recommend the best that would be awesome too!)

My computer is a Lenovo Thinkpad X301 and Windows 7

So, my main issue, using a bandwidth monitor and the built in Resource Monitor for Win7, I am noticing that svchost.exe is using about 200kb or MORE to just instantiate the connection. I (as well as my pocketbook) would be eternally grateful if I could find ways to cut that substantially down and get an idea of what I actually could get it down to.

I have turned off all 3rd party services, basically all starting processes that aren't msft, and also removed Access Connections (Lenovos super heavy network manager).


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  • Off the top of my head, you may want to disable all the various program updates. ie. Windows Update, java, flash, acrobat, browser, and all the add-ons.

    But the easiest way is to install a firewall software. Setup the rules to disable network access by default, and you just enable the ones that you want to run.

    Might even want to consider running the whole thing inside a VM / sandboxie, and forget about AV updates.

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