Windows – Hidden Files on Flash Drive


I was just handed a flash drive by a co-worker. When plugged into a windows machine, some logic on the device opens a run dialog, types in a URL letter by letter, and then presses enter in some way to open the website. I can't find a single file on this flash drive. I've put it in a Mac, Ubuntu Linux, and Windows machine – they all say zero files.


Mac – Opened up the App store

Linux – Did nothing

Windows 7 – See above


I'd love to be able to see the file(s) that cause this behavior. Basically, I'd like to do it myself. Any ideas?

Best Answer

It seems this drive also implements USB keyboard which first emit Super+R and then the URL.

On Linux, you can check it in lsusb output or by going to console (not terminal emulator), starting showkey and then plugging in this device.