Windows – How do you change the screensaver without going through the Control Panel (Windows 7)

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I figure there's an .exe file somewhere in C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 but I'm unable to locate it. Basically, I'm hoping I can right-click it and Run As Administrator in order to get around the fact that a very poorly designed security policy for my PC prevents me from changing the idle time for when the screensaver starts up (I want to change it from 15m idle to 1m idle, for increased security).

To be clear, I am a computer administrator, but there are different levels of administration; apparently "screensaver idle settings" are beyond my pay grade… And the dialog as launched from the Control Panel seems to presume I am a regular user. If I could perhaps locate the .exe and run it elevated, perhaps I'd be able to make the changes I desire.

Or perhaps there is another way?

Best Answer

  • It's not an exe but a cpl, try running this from an elevated command prompt:

    control desk.cpl,screensaver,@screensaver

    Note that if you run something as administrator under UAC, you may be setting another user's screen saver setting.

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