Windows – How to access the old XP hard drive from the new Windows 7 system & hard drive

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I have two hard drives, a new one with Windows 7 and an old one with Windows XP. I booted the new system with Windows 7, which is installed on the new C hard drive. I can see my old Windows XP hard drive patched in as drive F.

I've accessed SOME pictures from the hard drive, but most won't even show up as thumbnails from my Windows 7 vantage point. There's a strange hit and miss thing going on with the same picture file on drive F.

I'd like to be able to access documents, pics, videos, etc, but am often hit with "I don't have Admin rights to access" or something along those lines.

Any suggestions gaining access, while still booted in with the Windows 7 system and hard drive? If I switch the primary HD, and boot to old drive and Windows XP, there are no problems, but it's tons of hassle doing that. I thought I could almost have my cake and eat it too, with the old XP hard drive patched into my new Windows 7 system. I hope there's a solution.

Best Answer

Go to Start, type cmd and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter to enter Administrator mode. Type

cacls f:\*.* /T /G Everyone:F

to grant everyone full control of every file on the hard drive.