Windows – How to calculate the StartTime / UntilTime parameter using Get-Printer in Powershell

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I have an printer setup using the GUI and set the printer availabilty from 18:40 until 3:00
As well i got the PS command "Get-Printer Printer1 | format-list"

The result of the command puts out:

StartTime   1000
UntilTime   60

Now im kinda depressed i cant figure out how the hell 18:40 is represented as the value 1000 and 3:00 as the value 60.

I tried to find the answer via google but the technical references are only giving me information like

-StartTime UInt32 —
Specifies the starting time of printer availability.

So my question is how do i calculate the value represented by the parameter StartTime and UntilTime? If needed i can add more values. Just cant figure it out.

Best Answer

I believe both values are calculated in minutes since 12:00 AM GMT. That would put you in GMT+2. Does that work out properly?