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Is there a keyboard shortcut to switch to a specific view in windows 7 explorer, e.g. "details", "list", "large icons" etc?

Or do I have to use the mouse to change the view via dropdown menu "Change your view" / toggle views by clicking the icon (which does not toggle through all of the views).

Why I want this: if I navigate to a folder Windows guesses which view might be the best. Sometimes it is right, sometimes it is wrong. Then I want to quickly change, e.g. to "list" to see more files, or to "details" to see columns, or "to extra large icons" to get thumbnails. I think this is quicker via keyboard than via mouse.


I have accepted the sort of obvious answer, using multiple shortcuts to remote control the hidden menu. Currently I am using an AutoHotkey script, inspired by an answer to a related question:

#IfWinActive ahk_class CabinetWClass
; alt+1 list
; alt+2 details
; alt+3 large icons
; alt+4 extra large icons
!1::Send !v{down 5}{enter}
!2::Send !v{down 6}{enter}
!3::Send !v{down 2}{enter}
!4::Send !v{down 1}{enter}

With this I can switch the views I use with alt+1 to alt+4. (Note that the script in the linked answer makes Explorer look for files containing the 'v' character. I fixed that.)

Both solutions have one disadvantage in common: showing and hiding the menubar leads to visible flickering. To fix this the menubar would have to be displayed permanently. Or maybe AutoHotkey knows some tricks to execute a menu command without making the menubar visible first. But I don't know about that.

Best Answer

What about ALT + V + D for details, ALT + V + L for list, etc?