Windows – How to combe multiple text files into one big one


I will be working with multiple text files with my friends. I need something that will combine multiple text files into a master file. The method I am after is something that is simple and will create a master file in a click of a button, better if I don't have to install any software (I'm using Windows 7 64bit Professional), simplicity is what I need.

For example in: C:\mydocs\blah\blah

I have:

  • Hello.txt
  • Iloveyou.txt
  • Goodbye.txt

I want the master file to combine text inside in that order. How can I do this?

Best Answer

Open a cmd shell, then

type Hello.txt Iloveyou.txt Goodbye.txt >masterfile.txt


copy Hello.txt+Iloveyou.txt+Goodbye.txt masterfile.txt

I think it will be simpler if you write a .bat to do so.