Windows – How to combine multiple hard drives without losing any content in Windows 7

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I have 4 hard drives in my computer, one windows drive C:, and other D,E,F, total capacity being 500 GB. I have windows 7 home basic installed on my system.

I want to re-install windows and increase my windows C: capacity from 74 GB to more, by combining my C: and D:.

I also do not want to lose my E: and F: contents. I don't care if D: contents are lost.

How can I accomplish this?

Best Answer

  • I understood that you have 4 partitions in one HD, with letters C:, D:, E: and F:, that's right?

    If so, you can do the following:

    1. backup everything, because there's always the chance of something go wrong

    2. Open the Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools

    3. Open the Computer Management, and then select Disk Management.

    4. You'll see your Disk0 and all the drive letters associated to it.

    5. Look which partition/letter goes after the C:. That will be deleted afterwards. For example, let's assume it is the D:

    6. Open the Windows Explorer and move everything from the D: to another drive (to E: or F:)

    7. Close Windows Explorer and go back to the Computer Management

    8. Right-click the D:, and delete volume.

    9. Right-click the C:, and Extend Volume

    And that's it, now your d: drive is gone and C: has increased. And if you're lucky, you haven't lost anything. Otherwise, use the backup from the first step and restore your files...

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