Windows – How to connect to multiple independent networks at the same time

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I have two independent networks, one is wireless with the details:

Range: to
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:

And one which is wired with the details:

Range: to
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
No internet access

Both networks give IP's using DHCP and both have a router.

I’m having a problem using both networks at the same time.

When both adapters are enabled I can access the wired network’s resources but not the internet through the wireless network. Strangely however, I can access the configuration panels of both routers.

When doing a ping on an external URL, it appears that DNS is working (I resolve an IP address) but I get 100% loss.

If I disable the wired network, all internet connectivity comes back immediately.

I have a feeling that internet request are heading to the wired router only to time out.

Is what I am trying to achieve possible? It seems like it should be. If it is, how do I set it up correctly?

Best Answer

Your wired connection is configured with a default gateway that's inaccessible through your IP Address/Subnet mask configuration.

Change the wired gateway to (or whatever that does routing for the wired connection, here i'm assuming the wireless router is the same one you've connected through wired).

EDIT: As answer was solved in the comments below, the following comment is deemed useful in solving the problem:

Is the Draytek connected to the internet? It could be that if it's not, the metric for default gateway on the wired network is more preferred than the wireless. You could try to remove the default gateway on the wired network (if it's not supposed to access the internet).