Windows – How to Delete The “Move to Dropbox” Entry In The Contextual Menu

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I have noticed recently that when I right click on a file/folder in Windows 7, the contextual menu brings up an entry entitled Move to Dropbox ( enabling one to send a selected file/folder to ones Dropbox folder on Windows, which will be automatically synchronized to their online Dropbox account).I haven't noticed this before, and I am guessing it coincides with the recent release of Dropbox Version 2.4.

At present I have no need for this entry, and would like to know how to remove it (either via comand prompt or other means) from the contextual menu and additionally how to add it again to the contextual menu (if so desired in the future) ?

Best Answer

You may use CCleaner.

Once downloaded and installed, open CCleaner.
On the left select 'Tools' then 'Startup' and select the tab 'Context Menu'.
From there you can edit/disable the entries.

Alternatively you can downloaded a more advanced program called ShellExView.

Please note: CCleaner is a lot easier to use but will not show all context menu entries.