Windows – How to disable “Opening these files might be harmful to your computer” warning popup in AppData sub folders

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On Windows 10 with latest updates, I have a ZIP file in an AppData\LocalLow sub-folder:


From Windows File Explorer, whenever I right click on this zip file to open the context menu, I get a warning popup saying "Opening these files might be harmful to your computer":

warning popup

The same ZIP file placed on my Windows Desktop doesn't trigger this warning, so it seems it has something to do with the AppData folder.

I've read this related post:
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But my problem is not for a network copy and solutions described here does not work for my case.

Best Answer

  • This happens if the folder's integrity level is Low, which means applications running in Low integrity level usually write to those folders, like your web browser etc.

    You can check the integrity level for a folder by running this command:

    icacls %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow

    The Windows Security warning is protecting you from accidentally running files that may be risky.

    Other folders with Low IL:



    It's best to leave them as they are.