Windows – How to disable the MOTD when using Git over SSH on Windows


I'm using Git on Windows, with a repository over SSH.
Whenever I carry out any action I get the MOTD from the server (which is a legal warning from the company I work for).

It looks like if I was on Linux I could disable this with a .hushlogin file, but I've tried placing that in both the Home folder (Actually f:\ in my case) and in c:\users\$myID, and it didn't work in either case.

What's the correct method for handling this?

(It's using ssh.exe from the Git\bin install folder, if that makes a difference)

Best Answer

The answer is to put a file called "config" in the user's .\ssh\ folder (the same one as the id_rsa files sit in) and put the following in it:

LogLevel QUIET