Windows – How to display the full name string of files and folders in Windows 7

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I have Windows 7 64bit, and I cannot find a way to show the full name string of files and folders when I am in "View > Small Icons or Medium Icons".

On Vista, for example, when you clicked once on a file or folder with a long name, the full name was expanded and was displayed. Now, with Win 7 64bit, it is only displayed if you try to rename the file or folder.

Here is a small video, too

  1. I want to keep small or medium icon size View. Not large or very
  2. I want to keep Icon View, and not change it to detail View

Best Answer

Some of these people are answering questions that you are not asking. I think they believe you have a problem finding the full path of your files/folder. Anyway, I think I may have a solution for you. If you right click the desktop-> personalize, then click "window color", then "click advanced appearance settings.."; from there you can try and mess around with the icon size, icon spacing vertical/horizontal, plus a few other ones. I had a problem with the way my icons were being displayed and this was the only area I found in Windows 7 64 bit where you could change/edit icon settings. Hope this helps.