Windows – How to dual boot windows 10 Pro , Ubuntu and bitlocker activated

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I would like to install Ubuntu 19.04 with a dual boot on Windows 10 Pro laptop (dell). I tried to disabled secure boot as recommended in many forum but I have BitLocker start to complain. I reverse my change and now everything is back. Is there a recent tutorial that explain how to install Ubuntu with a dual boot on Windows 10 Pro with BitLocker activated?

I found that old tutorial from 2013: Do you think that method 3 is still up-to-date?

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No guarantees, but below are some notes that could help.

This is an old tutorial but it still seems plausible. As EasyBCD is now trialware, install it and ensure that it works before starting. Ramhound's above comment also seems prudent to follow.

A funny note in Method 3 says: "you will not be able to access the volume encrypted with Bitlocker after this procedure", so I hope it only means that Ubuntu won't be able to access the Windows partition.

There are reports that this configuration works and there are reports that say it doesn't. Reports of success (link) are more frequent for the case of both OS being on different drives. It is also reported that bitlocked Windows cannot be started from grub, so you need to boot both OS through the UEFI bootloader (the Ubuntu installer should do that automatically, but be vigilant when installing).

If you decide to try, I would suggest to generate first a BitLocker recovery key on a USB device and a Windows 10 recovery USB. Take good backups of your data and perhaps also an image backup of the disk, just in case.

Ubuntu is reported as working fine with secure boot, but you would not be able to install kernel drivers that are not in the repository.