Windows – How to export the “Computers & Contacts” from TeamViewer


I am trying to save my "Computers & Partners" from TeamViewer due to an account migration. So far, I wasn't able to save the list offline.
Typing all the contacts by hand will be the last resort, but I thought that I should ask the experts first.

There is an Export-function under Advanced Options, which creates a .reg file but there are no real contact details in there.

1) TeamViewer Export Option

Export Option

2) Say What

Say What

3) Nothing Meaningful

Nothing Meaningful

If it matters: TeamViewer 11 on Windows

Best Answer

There is no way to Export the Computers and Contacts, but there is a way to 'share' them. If you have more than one account that you want to 'merge', login to the 'secondary' account and add the 'primary account' as Contact. You can then Share Groups of Computers with the Primary contact with either Read, Read Write, or Full Control. ( I used Full Control ) The Primary account will get some emails requiring it to be accepted as a contact, and add the Shared Group. Once those have all been accepted, then login in as the Primary account and you will see the Shared groups from the Secondary account.

At this point you can then actually go into each of the shared groups and select them and Move them to a Primary account Group.

Hope this helps