Windows – How to find the source of soft page faults

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I have Windows 7 x64 computer that according to Performance Monitor has 70,000 page faults / second when idling. That's seems like a lot to me (every other computer I check has basically 0 page faults / second when idling).

If I use Resource Monitor or Process Explorer to check hard faults, I see that they are basically 0. So all the page faults are soft.

Normally, soft page faults are not a problem, but I suspect they might be causing issues for this computer given there are so many. I would like to identify what programs are causing the soft faults.

Are there any tools that exist that display the number of soft page faults for each process?

Best Answer

  • Process Hacker has per-process columns for "Hard Faults Delta" and "Page Faults Delta". The difference between the two is how many soft page faults are occurring, and you know exactly which processes are generating them:

                  enter image description here

    The above screenshot shows an empty column, but that's only because the computer was essentially idle. It does show the hard faults when they occur, e.g. when launching a heavyweight program.