Windows – How to format an HDD to GPT partition style using Windows 10’s installation disk

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I'm trying to install Windows 10 in GPT mode, but unfortunately the disk inside the computer I'm trying to install into is already formatted using MBR.

I've been working around this problem by first booting into Linux using my thumb drive, formatting the disk as GPT, rewriting the same thumb drive with the Windows image, and then finally installing Windows 10. This is time-consuming and not good for my thumb drive's health.

Can I format from within the Windows installer?

Please note that I'm not looking to convert MBR to GPT with the data intact, so MBR2GPT is not an answer.

Best Answer

  1. Press ShiftF10 to open a Cmd window.

  2. Run diskpart.

  3. Use list disk and sel[ect] disk <num> to choose the physical disk.

  4. Use clean to delete all partitions.

  5. Use convert gpt to create a blank GPT partition table.

Recently this has been added to the official Microsoft documentation site.