Windows – How to format an internal hard drive to exFAT in Windows 10

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I have an internal hard drive that I use as storage where I dump the stuff I need backed up. I want to format it to exFAT instead of NTFS so that it doesn't have to deal with permissions. The problem is, it only appears to be available to format as NTFS. Is there a way to force it to be formatted as exFAT?

Best Answer

  1. By Command prompt Format D: /A:64K /FS:ExFAT

64k is cluster size, D is target drive letter.

  1. By Diskpart:

    list disk

select disk '#' (where # is the number of the targer drive)

If you want that for a partition:

list part
select part # (where # is the number of the partition)
format fs=exfat -q 

If you want it for the whole drive just erase it all and make a single partition

create partition primary

active (you many not need to make it active, so you can skip this)

format fs=exfat -q

Update: for Windows 10, use QUICK instead of -q