Windows – How to insert normal text right below a block of text in Windows

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In programs such as Microsoft Word, Wordpad or even Evernote, it is possible to insert tables, lists or code block. If that block appear on the last line of the document, how to insert a normal text below it?

Here a document with a table in Microsoft Word, where the table is the last item on the document. If try to place my cursor at the furthermost possible place, I will end right after B. If I press enter, I may just insert a new row but I won't escape the table.

|  A   |   B  |

What I want to know, is how I can insert normal text right after the table like this:

|  A   |   B  |
Normal text here...

What I usually do is:

1. Select the whole table
2. Cut
3. Insert plenty of new lines
4. Paste my table above empty lines
5. Click on one empty line below the table
6. Insert my normal text. 

I also encounter this issue with Evernote.

Best Answer

In Microsoft Word:

Click somewhere in the last row of the table and press the right arrow on your keyboard until the cursor moves outside the table:

enter image description here

Now, instead of pressing Enter, hold the Shift key and press Enter. This will create a line break below the table instead of a new table row.