Windows – How to let Windows 10 automatically add LAN route to the route table


As you may know, if you connect your computer to LAN, you will alwasy automatically get a route like this:

IPv4 Route Table
Active Routes:
Network Destination        Netmask          Gateway       Interface  Metric

I accidentally deleted this route by this command (4 is my interface number for LAN):

route delete if 4

Of course this is not cool, so added this route back (without persistent option -p):

route add mask metric 20 if 4

Well this brings my problem, every time I restart my computer, I lose this route, but I do NOT want use persistent option (-p) because I believe there should be some automatic method to make LAN route table works, just as it used to.

So any ideas how could I fix this on Windows 10?

Best Answer

Remove your network and re-add it

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