Windows – How to list all system restore points

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I know when I click on "Show more restore points" in the Windows 7 System Restore application it shows up more restore points. But are they all there? Only a few more showed up, and I believed I must have had more.

I also checked the disk space I allocated for the restore points. There is still much space left.

Best Answer

Run PowerShell as an administrator. At the prompt:


This will list all the system restore points.

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PowerShell offers four Cmdlets to manage system restore and/or restore points:

  1. Disable-ComputerRestore

  2. Enable-ComputerRestore

  3. Get-ComputerRestorePoint

  4. Restore-Computer

For assistance with any of them, you can add get-help in front of the Cmdlet, i.e.

get-help Get-ComputerRestorePoint