Windows – How to make Windows 7 remember credentials for a Samba network drive

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I have a Samba share on my Ubuntu server which I map as a network drive on my Windows 7 Professional computer.

After every reboot it shows the drive as disconnected and to access it I have to renter my password even though every time I enter the password I check the 'Remember my credentials' box.

Is there way to have Windows 7 remember the credentials on a reboot/shutdown or is it just to remember them per session?

Best Answer

This issue bothered me for ages. What finally fixed it was the following:

  1. Disconnect any existing mapped drives
  2. Map a new drive; check the boxes for "Reconnect" and "Use different credentials"
  3. When you are prompted, enter SERVER\USERNAME for the user name. For example, if your server's name is SHIRE, and the user name is Baggins, enter SHIRE\Baggins for the user name.
  4. Enter the password as usual.
  5. Check the "remember credentials" box.

If I understand correctly, some whacky security policy is wiping out the credentials because you're not authenticating against a windows domain. Adding the server name tricks Windows into thinking there's a domain there, and so it dutifully remembers the password. Or something.

Big shout out to Microsoft for this. Well done. /sarcasm

For what it's worth, I tried several other things before this, and I don't know if any of them had an effect. See these blog entries for details: