Windows – How to open Device Manager as admin

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My company has made our Win10 users to be "standard users" (without admin rights). However, there is a possibility to run a program using admin rights with some "auto elevation" (Avecto Defendpoint?) system. What I would normally do is "right click" -> "Run as administrator", but that option is not available with Device Manager. I am able to run Powershell as admin, for example (with Right click -> Run as Administrator).

How would I open the Device Manager with Admin rights?

What have I tried and which does not work

  • Right clicking "Device Manager" in start menu -> "Run as Administrator" (there is no such option)

  • Running with Win+R -> devmgmt.msc. (It starts with standard user rights)

Best Answer

Found a satisfying solution. Just start up Device Manager normally (without admin rights), and then press "Change Settings" -button in the General tab:

device manager general tab

This will open up the Properties window again but with Admin rights (at least, with the Defendpoint Auto-Elevation).

It is also possible to open the Device Manager with admin rights from a Powershell with admin rights with

start "C:\Windows\System32\devmgmt.msc"