Windows – How to paste a raw image from the clipboard into Emacs


I am a Microsoft OneNote user and I have got used to taking a lot of snapshots and embedding them into my notes.

I think that if I could easily embed images directly into Emacs/orgmode from clipboard, then I will be able to switch to Emacs very easily. How do I go about doing so?

Best Answer

See lists.gnu for the windows answer. If you add hotkey for snipping tool and use a modified version where you call 'org-mode just before org-display-inline-images like this

(funcall 'org-mode)

and add F4 as hot key for the function in emacs

(global-set-key [f5] 'org-screenshot)

then you can copy paste with just F4, F5 which is pretty handy. The only problem is that your buffer needs to be saved to a file before the function will work, otherwise you get a array-null-p error because of the call to buffer-file-name

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