Windows – How to prove that email sent on certain date of outlook


Recently I asked my colleague to send an email on Friday(4th October 2013). He failed to send me a mail on that day.

He simply changed the system date and time to Friday and sent me a mail on Monday yet it appears in my email client that it was sent on Friday. Is there any way to prove that he sent the mail on Monday?

I looked at his sent items but it shows Friday's date. I need to prove that he made the system date time to send me a mail on Monday. Both of us were using Windows 7 32 bit operating systems.

How to prove when the email was sent?

Best Answer

  • The email headers will show the timestamp of the message when it was handled by each mail server, very likely this will include your correspondent's SMTP server (his ISP's server) and your server (one or more of your ISP's servers).

    To access the email headers in your copy of Outlook read this guide.

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