Windows – How to rename C:\Windows\System32\convert.exe

renamewindowswindows 8.1

I need to rename this command because it interferes with ImageMagick. I tried to run this in an administrator console:

C:\Users\Chloe>rename C:\Windows\System32\convert.exe C:\Windows\System32\convertNTFS.exe
The syntax of the command is incorrect.

C:\Users\Chloe>rename C:\Windows\System32\convert.exe convertNTFS.exe
Access is denied.

I also tried to rename it in Explorer. Nothing works!

Best Answer

It is usually not a good idea to rename system files (or change their NTFS permissions, after the next OS-Update this may be reversed back). Ideally contact your Software vendor (for ImageMagick) to request that they don't name their files with the same name as Windows system files.

A workaround hack, is to tell Windows to execute a different program when you are running convert.exe

Run something like this:

reg.exe add "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\convert.exe" /v Debugger /t REG_SZ /d "C:\Program Files\ImageMagic\convert.exe" /f

I haven't tested this and I am not sure whether it works if the target has the same name as the source, but it is worth a try.

And you better remember you've done this if you even want to use to convert.exe to convert your file systems.

Another option is to put the ImageMagic folder into the path before %systemroot%.

I would really try to fix the application rather than changing system files.