Windows – How to share a home printer under Windows if the computer is part of a domain


I do have my work laptop at home and I want to share an USB printer in order to be able to print to it from my MacBook.

Currently Windows 7 is refusing to share the printer because the computer is part of a domain and it tells me that I need to join a homegroup in order to be able to do that. Also it tells me that he cannot create this homegroup and this group has to be create by another Windows 7 computer from my network. As you can imagine I do have only one Windows computer on my home network.

How can I solve this problem?

Best Answer

You shouldn't need to use a homegroup to share printers. Just go to Devices and Printers (under the start menu) and find the printer.

  • Right-click and choose Printer Properties
  • Go to the Sharing tab
  • Check the box for Share this printer
  • Give it a share name
  • Click OK

Printer Properties Window (without admin rights)

I just set up Windows 7 on a domain in a virtual machine and tested this, and it let me share the printer just fine without being connected to a homegroup.