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Windows 8 no longer has a Backup utility. It was replaced with File History.

There doesn't appear to be any way in File History to specify locations to backup; i will just assume that it keeps file histories of every file on my computer.

For example, on my D:\ drive i have some folders i want to ensure are backed up:

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i don't know that they are being backed up; the File History provides no interface to know that my files are protected. But i certainly don't want File History to backup some of the other folders (e.g. 60GB of WoW and Diablo). So i "exclude" all the folders on my D:\ drive that i don't want:

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But my intuition tells me that File History likely isn't even recording histories of my files. The only reason i think that is because the File History on the history drives has nothing from my D: drive. This feeling of dread is compounded by the fact that File History only says it will take files from my Libraries, Desktop, Contacts and Favorites:

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How do i backup arbitrary folders in Windows 8?

Note: Windows 7's Backup allowed the selection of data to backup.

Edit: Apparently, suggesting alternative software is against the SU rules (as this and this guy found out)

Best Answer

Or, you can use the old Backup that's actually still inside Windows 8

Although there's no guarantee it will still work on later version (9?).