Windows – How to spindown(sleep) a SATA hard disk drive under Windows

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I am using a 3.5" SATA HDD from the eSATA port of my laptop. The HDD is powered with another ATX power supply. Each time I unplug the eSATA, I cannot make the HDD spindown before I power off the ATX.

So, any tool to do this?

Best Answer

Have you tried savely removing it (perhaps only for USB) or unmounting the drive?

Else have a look at HotSwap!

You can treat the eSata like a HDD you're trying to hot swap, thus turning it off. But instead of swapping it, you just leave it off.


  • Compatible user interface with the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon on Windows XP.
  • Confirms all volumes assigned to the drive are not in use before removing it.
  • Spin-down the drive to remove the drive safely.
  • Not only fixed disk drives but also other type of drives can be removed.
  • Runs without user interface by given command line switch and also the message popup can be suppressed.

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