Windows – How to split TrueCrypt file into smaller files for cloud backup to OneDrive

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I have a lot of OneDrive storage and want to back up my files, but rather than putting them directly in the OneDrive folder, I'd rather put them in a TrueCrypt volume for security reasons. However, there is a limit on how large each file can be separately (2 GB). How can I split the TrueCrypt volume into smaller files? Is there any alternative to TrueCrypt that has this feature, or any program I can use to add this functionality?

Edit: I have 130 GB of storage, and I need to be able to automatically split this into 65 2GB volumes. This has to be in real-time, because recreating a 130GB volume is a time and resource consuming operation, especially on a laptop.

Best Answer

TrueCrypt is not suited to such a large volume of data coupled to a 2GB file-size limit.

You should be looking at solutions for directly encrypting the OneDrive data. This way you will avoid the need to upload humongous files to OneDrive, just uploading the files that have changed.

Here are some products that do just that (in alphabetical order) :